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VerifiedEmail is the fastest, most accurate real-time email verification and bulk email list cleaning solution on the market today. Thanks to our proprietary, on-demand infrastructure, VerifiedEmail offers the most competitive pricing without compromising on precision or security.

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We offer 500 email verification credits for free.
For email lists exceeding one-million addresses we’ll beat any competitors’ prices. Talk to us.

VerifiedEmail Widget comes with built-in support for reCAPTCHA to reduce unnecessary bot-based verifications.
Real-Time Verification

Verify emails right at the point of entry. Human verification built in.

Bulk List Cleaning

Clean existing email lists once or continuously. Reduce bounce rates and avoid suspensions.

Flexible Integrations

Fast and reliable API, website widget, pre-built integrations with all major email delivery platforms.

Let's get real:

Bounces are bad

Email delivery platforms closely monitor bounce rates and list quality to protect email deliverability and sender reputation.


of email lists decay per year on average


bounce rate will get your sender account suspended

We got this.

Ensure compliance.

VerifiedEmail checks email validity at every step. With the right email verification tool, you'll avoid jeopardizing your sending privileges, skewing marketing campaign metrics, and wasting resources on dead email addresses.

Verify at the point of entry

Verify entered emails in real time

Embed our Website Widget into your landing page or use our real-time API for custom integrations. We verify email addresses instantly at the point of capture. Integrated reCAPTCHA ensures you only pay to verify emails from real visitors.

Clean existing lists

Bulk email list cleaning

We eliminate undeliverable emails with 99% precision and provide scoring data for questionable emails to help you determine the best sending policies based on your use case.

Secret Ingredient

Continuous list maintenance

VerifiedEmail's Continuous Cleanup monitors and optimizes email list quality on an ongoing basis. It's cheap and automatically handles temporarily unreachable recipients like those with full mailboxes.







You need your lists cleaned

Why choose VerifiedEmail?

VerifiedEmail was developed as an internal email validation tool and successfully verifies millions of emails per day in real time. To keep costs low, we designed the VerifiedEmail checker to scale resources on-demand and eliminate unnecessary overhead without compromising on email verification quality and deliverability. For the first time, we are passing those savings on to you. We’re like AWS for email validation.

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We offer 500 email verification credits for free. For email lists exceeding one-million addresses we’llbeat any competitors’ prices