Verify Email.

Reduce bounce rates, protect sender reputation, and send with confidence.
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VerifiedEmail Widget comes with built-in support for reCAPTCHA to reduce unnecessary bot-based verifications.

Real-time email verification at the point of entry.


Landing pages and registration forms

Verify emails instantly and effortlessly at the point of collection with VerifiedEmail's verification widget. Built-in reCAPTCHA support reduces unnecessary costs for bot verifications.


Seamless integration with Zapier and APIs

Easily add email verification to existing flows with ready-to-use Zapier Zaps or build custom integrations with Verified's full-featured API.


Email Verification Dashboard

Verify emails and clean email lists, review verification history, and download verification results.


Clean existing email lists
with 99+% precision.


Bulk email list cleaning

Upload email lists of any size. Remove duplicates and malformed emails for free and verify and score every address.

Dashboard and API

Use Email Verification Dashboard or connect with the API

Take your pick. Easily upload and clean email lists of any size with our easy-to-use Dashboard or, for bigger, more regular jobs, try our customizable API. Download results of the email validation process with download filters.


Continuously optimize lists.


Integrate with your email provider or an in-house CRM

Your lists will be automatically synced, cleaned, and verified.

Continuous verification

Send confidently

Our Email Verifier automatically syncs, cleans, and verifies your email lists.

It's in the details

This is how we do it.

Scrub lists

All malformed and duplicate emails are removed at no charge.

Check domain type and health

VerifiedEmail identifies domain type, health, and mail servers to prepare for verification. Subdomains and misspelled domains are automatically detected.

Identify email "role" and alias

VerifiedEmail automatically identifies roles — like "sales" or "support" — "no reply" addresses, and aliases.

Verify email

Verify deliverability and identify permanent — e.g., deleted accounts — or temporary — like full mailboxes — deliverability issues.

Build email deliverability score

VerifiedEmail's proprietary algorithm provides highly accurate deliverability scores to simplify decision-making.

Ready to send!

Use deliverability score and additional information provided with each verification to make decisions about sending or skipping.

Flexible integration options.

Implement any use case with a fully-featured API, event-based Webhooks, SDKs, and out of the box third-party integrations.

Clean your email lists today.

Verify 500 emails for free. For lists over one-million emails, we will beat the price of any competitor, guaranteed.

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