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Duplicates and malformed emails are removed from lists before verification.

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No charge for re-verifying emails within 24 hours or across multiple lists.

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Easy-to-integrate, customizable Website Widget to verify at point of entry.

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Use credits today or next year. Our credits never expire or lose value.

Advanced Scoring

Make better decisions with more data. We provide multiple data points with each verification to support better decision-making for every use case.

Real-Time Verifications

Verify emails instantly at point of entry with our Website Widget or customizable API.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. VerifiedEmail does all the work inside and your data never leaves our servers. We store your data in accordance with our terms of use and privacy policy and delete it accordingly.

VerifiedEmail verifies your list in multiple parallel streams and verification speed largely depends on a number of emails using slow or no longer existing servers. On average, we verify 100,000 emails under 30 minutes.


You will only be charged for a definitive verification answer. You will not be charged for duplicate emails, malformed emails, non-connectable email services etc. If multiple lists contain the same email address or the same address is submitted via the API or Website Widget we will only charge you for the first verification within 24 hours.

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